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Always Keep Change in Your Pocket

Always Keep Change in Your Pocket

For years, I worked in the restaurant industry as a server and a bartender from Arizona to New York and various places in between. Then, over time, I started being “just a server and bartender,” under-employed, with wasted potential. These were the phrases that I used to describe my work and, by default my self-worth. In my mind, I came to believe I had no transferable skills, a lackluster resume, and a feeling of being stuck and unhappy.

  • Carrie Lofstrom

  • December 2, 2022

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However, with those feelings of unhappiness and wasted potential, I was also comfortable, and complacent. The one “C” I needed was CHANGE. Change happens when we leave our comfort zone and venture out into discomfort and the dreaded feelings of fear and uncertainty. What if I cannot do it? What if I am not good/smart/capable/likable enough? When I talked about going back to school to get my Bachelor’s Degree, I remember telling my dad that I would be almost thirty when I graduated. His words continue to echo in my mind, “Carrie you are going to be 30 regardless, so do you want to be 30m with or without a Bachelor’s Degree?” Sound question that produced a clear answer for me: with a degree.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went back to college. I feared and failed sometimes. I freaked out. I fumbled, and I contemplated quitting more than a few times. I was fully invested in change, however, and without being aware of it, I was becoming more confident, confident that I could do hard things, scary things, unfamiliar things while still being afraid and overwhelmed at times. I have tried to capitalize on change and the fortunate biproduct of building self-confidence. Since earning my bachelor’s degree at 30, I have gone on to earn a Master’s Degree, find my passion and calling as a mental health therapist, and open a successful and growing counseling practice. Change is scary, but just as the plaque in my office reads: “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you FLY?”

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