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Our community offers many opportunities for personal and professional support or community building, but sometimes it is hard to know where to go.

Wether you are looking for information, counseling, supporting services for yourself, your family, your business, or simply need to expand your network, you will find below resources to help and support you on your path to growth.

If the list below doesn’t answer your quest, please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you.

Growth Resources

Health Resources

Services / Assistance

Housing Services, Facilities, or Assistance

Growth Resources

Adult Education
Business Spaces
  • 1608 Liberty
    The Collective is a private and co-working space for professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Forward Brunswick
    Fosters economic vitality as Brunswick’s community partnership leader. FB can help you locate the perfect space for your business.
  • Golden Isles Development Authority
    GIDA can help you locate your business in the Golden Isles.
  • Opportunity Brunswick
    Connecting our local community and investors from across the United States to business and real estate opportunities in Brunswick.
  • The SandBox St. Simons Island
    Unique work and event spaces.
  • The Wick Downtown Brunswick
    A shared work space that offers tenants the privacy of individual office spaces with the amenities of larger office buildings.
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy: A guide to understand the use of money as it applies to your personal finances.

Personal Growth
  • Balance Yoga Studio
    Aims to help you find balance in your body, mind, and spirit through bodywork, movement, and skin care.
  • Manifest A Deliverance Foundation, Inc.
    The mission of the MAD foundation is to connect people from different backgrounds with different beliefs who desire the personal goal to become successful through EMPOWERMENT – COMMUNITY – HEALTH & WELLNESS – EDUCATION.
  • Marcyline Bailey, M.L. Bailey Consultants
    Helps guide women over 40 to live their best life.
  • Radiant Counseling
    Through open and honest dialogue, we help you find clarity, a sense of peace, and individual inner radiance.
  • Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce
  • Happy Hour 
    A casual networking women’s group that meets monthly to to socialize and connect. Contact us for details.
  • Lucas Forum
    A space for entrepreneurs and their communities to gather and connect. Meets every first Wednesday of the month, 9-10am, Tipsy McSway’s, 1414 Newcastle St, Brunswick, GA 31520
  • WE_Women Entrepreneur
    Sponsored by The Golden Isles Development Authority and organized by VIA Connects, WE provides networking opportunities for local Women Entrepreneurs. Meets every quarters, location changes. Contact us for details.
Professional Growth

Health Resources

Adult Day Care

  • Roosevelt Harris Center: 912-267-5520 
    Congregate meals, activities, transportation. Accepts dementia patients.

  • SHARE: 912-264-3141 
    Flexible hours, caregiver friendly. Accepts dementia patients.

Substance Use Resources

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 912-265-0892 
    info on meeting schedule/recovery

  • Coastal Addiction Counseling: 912-262-1498 
    Addiction counseling

  • Coastal Community Health Svcs.: 912-275-8028
    Addiction counseling / mental health services

  • Crisis Line: 800-715-4225
    24 crisis line for Gateway

  • Doc’s Place: 912-506-7248
    Housing for men in recovery

  • Faithful Love: 800-251-0997
    Help for victims of human trafficking

  • Gabby’s House: 912-222-3530
    Housing for women in recovery

  • Garden Gate: 912-449-7861
    1-yr free mental health treatment/women & children

  • Gateway: 912-554-8500
    Inpatient detox, outpatient treatment

  • Gateway Women’s Residential: 866-720-3784
    Residential for women and their children

  • Grace House: 912-258-6137
    Housing for women in recovery – 12 months

  • Heather House: 912-996-3950
    Housing for women in recovery – 12 months

  • House of Hope: 912-571-4378
    For teen victims of human trafficking

  • Hudson Hill Ministries: 229-868-7272
    Long term residential treatment for men

  • Living Vine Maternity Home: 912-352-9998
    Home for addicted pregnant women

  • Keep It Simple: 912-687-2082
    Recovery housing for men

  • Methadone/Suboxone Clinic: 912-262-0311
    Medication assisted treatment

  • Narcotics Anonymous: 1-800-334-3322
    Hotline for help

  • New Way Recovery House: 912-574-9119
    Housing for men in recovery

  • Remedy Project: 912-580-7679
    Addiction counseling groups/info/support on long term rehabilitation programs

  • Salvation Army: 912-265-2915
    Need ID and police clearance & must pass drug & alcohol screen

  • Saved by Grace: 912-399-4724/912-266-3459
    Assistance with critical needs

  • St. Simons By The Sea: 912-638-1999
    Inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse treatment for all ages & dementia patients

  • Starting Point: 912-264-9045
    Housing for men in recovery 

  • The Dream Center: 912-293-4618
    Faith-based housing for women in recovery

  • The Living Vine: 912-352-9998
    For pregnant women with addiction issues

Recovery Resources

  • An Artful Recovery: 912-506-6082
    Recovery Coaching (post detox and beyond) for all pathways of recovery.

  • Coastal Community Behavioral Health:
    Brunswick: 912-262-0311
    Monday-Friday: 6:00AM-2:00PM
    Saint Marys, 912-434-1794
    Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 6:00AM-2:00PM

  • Doc’s Place, Recovery residence for young men
    912-223-4110 (support available 24/7)
    Group counseling facilitated by a fully licensed clinician; Individual assessment & therapy;
    Family therapy; 24/7 on-site staff; Structured activities & group learning opportunities dictated by
    residents; Weekly & on-the-spot drug testing.

  • Gateway Community Service Board (CSB): 
    (toll free) 866-557-9955 or 912-554-8500

  • Georgia Crisis and Access Line: 800-715-4225

    (toll free) 1-800-821-7224 or 912-638-1999

    All-recovery meeting. We invite you to join us for an All-Recovery Meeting, weekly hosted at 172 Cornerstone Drive (across from Tractor Supply). 7-8pm every Tuesday.

    1-yr free mental health treatment/women & children

  • Online Resource
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

  • Online Resource
    National Eating Disorder Awareness:

  • Online Resource
    In the Rooms – A Global Recovery Community:

Aging Services

  • Division of Aging Services: 912-342-8901
    Resources for coastal GA’s aging & disabled

  • Addington Place: 912-265-0225
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Area Agency on Aging: 800-580-6860
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Caregiver Support funding: 800-580-6860
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Gracemore Nursing Home: 912-265-6771
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • HomeLife on Glynco: 912.280-0078
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Magnolia Manor on SSI: 912-638-9988
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Marshes Edge: 912-291-2000
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Memory Matters: 912.264-0777
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • Sears Manor Health Care NH: 912-264-1857
    For Alzheimer’s families resources & pay for caregivers

  • St. Simons By the Sea: 912-638-1999
    Short term treatment for dementia

  • Thrive on St. Simons: 912-295-4699

  • R. Harris Senior Center: 912-267-5520
    Offers adult day care

  • SHARE: 912-264-3141
    Offers adult day care

  • Memory Matters Support Group: 912-264-0777
    Offers adult day care

Assisted Living Facilities

  • Addington Place: 912-265-0225

  • HomeLife on Glynco: 912.280-0078

  • Magnolia Manor: 912-638-9988
    St. Simons Island

  • Marshes Edge: 912-291-2000
    St. Simons Island

  • Thrive on St. Simons: 912-295-4699

Children’s Services

  • American Red Cross: 912-265-1695
    Disaster relief for families w/ fire damage

  • Amity House: 912-264-4357
    Domestic violence shelter – adults/children

  • Asperger’s Group: 912-638-7100

  • Autism Information: 912-638-7100
    The Triumph Foundation

  • Babies Can’t Wait: 912-356-2955
    Services for special needs kids 0-3 

  • Boys/Girls Club: 912-265-1455
    Brunswick and St. Simons locations

  • Boys to Men: 912-264-3105
    Pastor Michael Rivers, Zion Baptist/mentors

  • Brunswick Job Corps: 912-264-8843
    Job training for ages 16-24

  • Brunswick Parks and Rec: 912-554-7780
    Athletic programs for local youth

  • CASA (Court Appt. Special Advocates): 912-264-4448
    Advocacy for children within the court system

  • Child Protective Services: 855-422-4453
    Confidential reporting of child abuse/neglect

  • CIA Sports program: 912-332-8000
    Afterschool program / free summer

  • Coastal Coalition for Children: 762-218-3848
    Programs that support self-sufficient families

  • Communities in Schools: 912-262-3420
    Services and resources for at risk students

  • Communities in Schools: 912-262-3420
    Services and resources for at risk students

  • Coastal Community Health Clinic: 912-275-8028
    Affordable health/dental care for all ages

  • Coastal Outreach Soccer: 912-279-3810
    After school soccer / tutoring

  • Crisis Line at Gateway: 800-715-4225
    24 hour line

  • DFCS: 912-262-3200
    Medicaid/child abuse reports/foster care

  • Doctors at SGHS caid/M-care: 912-466-7000
    All SGHS hospitalists accept M-

  • Domestic Violence hotline: 800-799-7233
    Connection to local shelters

  • Dynamic Interventions services: 912-342-7064
    Family based counseling/intervention

  • Early Head Start: 912-275-7265
    Free childcare for 6 weeks and up

  • Faithful Love trafficking: 912-266-0129
    For adult victims of human

  • Family Connection: 912-265-1850
    Advocacy for children and families

  • First Steps : 912-262-1855
    Help/support for new mothers

  • Foster Parents Assoc.: 912-262-3200
    Contact DFCS for updated information

  • GIAHA: 912-262-6934
    Golden Isles Arts and Humanities

  • Gateway Behavioral Health: 912-554-8500
    Help for troubled/disabled youth

  • Georgia Legal Services: 912-264-7301
    Free legal advocacy

  • Girl Scouts of Historic GA: 912-988-8654/or call 888-689-1912 

  • Glynn Community Crisis Center: 912-264-4357
    Domestic violence shelter for adults & children

  • Hamer House: 912-267-6000
    Housing for homeless girls 16-22

  • Head Start parents: 912-262-1400
    Free child care / pre-K for working

  • House of Hope: 912-571-4378
    For teen victims of human trafficking

  • Human Trafficking: 888-373-7888
    Youth and adults

  • Operation Bedspread: 478-494-4980
    Free beds and linens for kids

  • Rapid Rehousing / CAA families: 912-264-3281
    Help for homeless singles and kids

  • Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter: 912-267-7000
    Safe shelter for children

  • Skylark Crisis Pregnancy Center: 912-271-1100
    Crisis pregnancy counseling

  • Street Beat (Safe Harbor): 912-342-7039
    Help for runaway and homeless teens

  • Transitional Living / Safe Harbor: 719-671-8339
    For runaway girls 17-22

  • YMCA : 912-265-4100
    Day care, after school care

  • Youth Enrichment Dev.: 912-261-2673
    Faith-based program

  • Zach’s Place to 17: 912-342-7069
    For runaway and homeless youth up

Counseling Services

  • ACT / Gateway 912-265-9708
    Mental health services / housing 

  • American Red Cross 912-265-1695
    Military notification of family emergency 

  • Amity House (GCCC) 912-264-4357
    Crisis shelter for battered women/children 

  • Area Agency on Aging 800-580-6860
    Resources in Coastal GA for counseling, etc. 

  • brainREconnect, Inc. 912-506-0305
    Stroke and brain injury support group 

  • Coastal Workforce education 912-554-7947
    Career counseling / training / 

  • Compassionate Friends 912-265-4735
    Support for parents who lost a child 

  • Crisis Line at Gateway 800-715-4225 

  • GA Coast Surgical 912-264-9724
    Weight loss surgery / support 

  • GA Dept. of Labor 912-264-7287
    Job counseling/ local job opportunities 

  • Gateway Behavioral Health 912-554-8500
    Crisis/ A&D rehab on sliding scale 

  • Glynn Community Crisis Center 912-264-4357 Counseling/shelter for battered women & kids 

  • Grandparent Connection 912-262-1855
    Services for grandparents raising children 

  • Goodwill Job Connection 912-280-9888
    Job counseling; help in finding work 

  • Health Department (Glynn Co) 912-264-3961
    Wellness / HIV-AIDS / birth certificates 

  • Heartland Hospice 912-261-8760
    Terminally ill patients and their families 

  • Hospice of Golden Isles 912-265-4735
    Terminally ill patients and their families 

  • Imagine Hope
    HIV/Hep C support for chronically ill patients/families 

  • FaithWorks 912-261-8512
    Support for chronically ill patients/families 

  • Faithful Love 800-261-0997
    Assists adult victims of human trafficking 

  • House of Hope 912-571-4378
    Residential for teen victims human trafficking 

  • Labor Department 912-264-7287
    Vocational rehab; job counseling 

  • Living Vine 912-352-9998
    Home for pregnant addicts 

  • Memory Matters 912-264-0777
    Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients/help families 

  • NAMI 912-480-9259
    Support for mental illness 

  • Radiant Counseling 912-289-2497
    Atherapy practice serving the Golden Isles and surrounding areas.

  • Rape Crisis Center 912-554-0609
    Support for rape victims/families 

  • Remedy Project 912-580-7679
    Addiction counseling/support on long term treatment 

  • Skylark Pregnancy Center 912-271-1100
    Pregnancy counseling/testing/resources 

  • St. Simons By The Sea 912-638-1999
    Inpatient MH/substance abuse for all ages 

  • Veterans Administration Clinic 912-261-2355
    VA clinic/Glynco Parkway 

  • Veterans Crisis Line 800-273-8255
    Crisis/intervention for veterans 

  • Veterans Housing Project 877-424-3838
    Helping homeless veterans 

  • Wellness Clinic 912-264-3236
    HIV/AIDS counseling and free healthcare 

Disability/ Medicaid

  • Begin at DFCS (912-262-3200) IF: you are over 65 or blind, or if you have been turned down by Social Security. Take proof of ineligibility at Social Security. In some cases DFCS can assist on a month by month basis if you have been hospitalized or have unusually high medical bills over a short period of time. Ask about their “hospital Medicaid” or QMB / spend-down program. There are many different kinds of Medicaid. 

  • In other cases, begin at Social Security 1-800-772-1213.
    Call and make an appointment. Terminal patients with a short life expectancy can ask for “Teri-case status” and they will be given preferential treatment. (You will need written verification from your physician in order to be classified as Teri-case.) It will speed up the process if you have your medical records available at the time of your appointment. Your eligibility worker will need specific medical records, such as lab results, reports from surgery, pathology, and other specialties. They will need medical proof of your diagnosis. If you are turned down for help, which is very common, you have the right to appeal the decision within a limited time period. If you are approved for disability, you will still need to apply for Medicaid. 

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence hotline 800-799-7233 

  • Glynn Community Crisis Center 912-264-4357
    Call Crisis Line and get instruction on how to proceed. If full, you’ll be referred to closest shelter with availability. (aka Amity House) 

Food Assistance

  • Abundant Life 912-265-6634
    Call for hours / 103 Buckingham Place 

  • America’s Second Harvest 912-261-7979 134
    Indigo Dr off Golden Isles Parkway 

  • Bay Harbor Church of God 912-262-1227
    Call for hours / Hwys 82 and 17 

  • Coastal GA Area CAA 912-261-9071
    Commodity food distribution 

  • DFCS 912-262-3200
    Food stamps by application 

  • Golden Isles Parkway COG 912-265-0937
    Call for hours / spur and Exit 38 

  • Grace Methodist 912-264-1894
    Call for hours / 1711 Albany St. 

  • HIS Ministries 912-275-8614
    Breakfasts & bible studies 

  • Loaves and Fishes 912-265-4974
    Call for hours / 4265 Norwich Ext. 

  • Manna House 912-264-1594
    Daily noon meal (11:30-1:00) free to all

  • Meals on Wheels 800-580-6860
    Apply at Area Agency on Aging 

  • Norwich Baptist Hwy. 912-265-0494
    Call for hours / 5661 New Jesup 

  • Pine Ridge Baptist 912-265-2228
    Call for hours / 415 Old Jesup Rd. 

  • Salvation Army 912-265-9381
    Call for hours / 1624 Reynolds St. 

  • Southeast Baptist Assoc. 912-554-0555
    Call for hours 

  • Sparrow’s Nest 2911 Altama 912-261-8512 ext 110
    Mon.-Thurs. from 9-12 / 

  • St. Athanasius Episcopal 912-342-7678
    Every other Monday 9-11 

  • St. Vincent De Paul 912-262-6027
    Call for hours 

Handicapped / Trauma 

  • ATRC 770-934-8432
    Free computers, training for disabled 

  • Brain and Spinal Injury 404-651-5112
    Assistance for qualified injured patients (Trust Fund Comm.) 

  • brainREconnect 912-466-5330
    Stroke and brain injury support services 

  • GA Advocacy Office 404-885-1234
    Advocacy/protection for the disabled 

  • GA Partnership for Caring 800-982-7468
    Healthcare/meds for uninsured patients 

  • Gateway 912-554-8500
    Day services program with work opportunities 

  • Independent Living 888-288-9780
    Promotes independent living for disabled 

  • Life, Inc. 800-948-4824
    Wheelchair ramps; promote self- sufficiency 

  • Lion’s Club 912-261-8484
    Help for the blind (glasses, etc.) 

  • Light House 912-261-8512 ext 106
    Assistance with glasses/hearing aids 

  • Medicaid 800-282-4536
    Healthcare for low-income disabled 

  • Quail Country Customs 888-208-7258
    Customized cars for handicapped drivers 

  • Shepherd Center 404-350-7536
    Brain/spinal cord injury hospital/rehab 

  • Vocational Rehab 912-356-2130
    Job training, home/care modifications, etc 

  • Wheelchair Ramps 800-948-4824
    Family Life Church 


  • AIDS Hotline 800-232-4636
    HIV/AIDS info/support 

  • Imagine Hope  free
    HIV/HepC tests 

  • Wellness Clinic 912-264-3236
    Free health care/medicines for HIV 

Home Care 

  • Advantage Home Health 912-265-8330 

  • After Care 800-580-6860
    Program for patients going home from hospital 

  • Bright Star Care 912-638-0638
    Personal care / in-home services 

  • Charlton VNS 912-264-6522
    Home health 

  • Coastal Home Care 912-264-5363
    Home health 

  • Community Care 800-580-6860
    Help at home for disabled and elderly 

  • First Light Home Care 912-275-7133
    Personal care /in-home services 

  • Home Instead 912-264-4422
    National company that helps at home 

  • Life Line Home Care 912-554-0088 

  • Option Care 912-267-6192
    Home IV therapy and med equipment 

  • Share Care 912-265-3033
    Home health 

  • SOURCE 866-424-5207
    Help at home for disabled and elderly 

  • Tender Care 912-466-8700
    Home health 

  • Visiting Angels 912-342-8901 

Homeless Shelters

  • Anyone who is homeless should call 912-289-9741 for a homeless assessment and possible help. 

  • Coastal Community Action 912-261-9071
    Ask for a homeless assessment/housing 

    Coastal Village Gateway 912-280-7009
    Shelter plus care for women/children 

    Crisis Line at Gateway 800-715-4255 

    Crisis Unit at Gateway 912-554-8472
    Detox required for most recovery housing 

    Gabby’s recovery 912-222-3530
    Sobriety shelter for women in 

    Doc’s Place 912-506-7248
    Sobriety shelter for men in recovery 

    Gateway Women’s Residential 866-720-3784
    Shelter and treatment for women and their children 

    Grace House 912-258-6137
    Sobriety shelter for women in recovery 

    Homeless Assessment 912-289-9741
    Call for help with housing 

    Ridgeview 888-653-5557
    Addiction inpatient program in Smyrna Atlanta area 

    Salvation Army 912-265-9381 / Social services office 912-262-2915 / Shelter for men and women 

    Salvation Army JAX 904-356-8641
    JACKSONVILLE homeless shelter 

    Starting Point 912-264-9045
    For men in recovery 

    Sulzbacker Shelter 904-359-0457
    JACKSONVILLE co-ed shelter with clinic and recovery programs (waiting list) 

    Trinity Shelter 904-355-1205
    JACKSONVILLE homeless shelter near bus station 

    Union Mission 912-232-8012
    Savannah shelter near bus station 

    Veteran’s Shelter 912-26202345
    Dublin, GA / 3 mo. program 


  • Georgia Hospice Care 912-574-7833
    Inpatient and home care for terminally ill 

    Heartland Hospice 912-261-8760
    Inpatient and home care for terminally ill 

    Hospice of Golden Isles 912-265-4735
    Inpatient and home care for terminally ill 

Housing for Seniors & Handicapped

  • Abbington Woods 912-574-7505
    HUD for all ages and disabled 

    ACT program / Gateway 912-265-9708 

    Brunswick Housing Authority 912-265-1334 

    Buckingham Terrace 912-264-0102 

    Changing Homelessness 904-354-1100
    Helping vets with deposits / rent 

    GA War Veterans Home 478-445-3234
    Disabled war veterans in Milledgeville, GA 

    Glynn Pines 912-267-9994 

    Embassy Suites 912-264-6100
    Discounted rates for cancer patients and family 

    Habitat for Humanity 912-265-7455 

    Harper’s Joy 912-280-7009
    Sliding scale apts in old Bwk hospital 

    Housing Authority 912-265-1334
    There is a waiting list 

    Nunnally House 466-7550
    For out of town cancer patients receiving chemo and/or radiation at SGHS 

    Shelter Plus Care 912-280-7009
    Housing for Gateway clients only 8 

    St. Marks Towers 912-267-7125
    HUD senior housing 

    Tara Arms 912-261-2400
    HUD housing for all ages / disabled 

    Veterans Housing 877-424-3838
    For homeless veterans 

    Wesley Glen 478-471-3711
    For mentally handicapped (Macon, GA) 

Identification/Valid GA ID 

  • Go to Dept. of Driver Services / DDS (Hwy 17 North) during their business hours and take the following with you: 

    Birth certificate: $25 at Health Department on Fourth St. for GA born clients and for others, download forms off the internet from appropriate state. Usually takes 4-6 weeks to come through the mail. If GA born applicants don’t have proof of who they are, they have to take a parent or sibling with them who has a valid ID. Proof of GA residency: Must have proof of 2 local utilities in your name or 2 pieces of government mail received during the last 90 days. 

    Social Security card or government/bank document proving Social Security number. 

Job Training

  • Brunswick Job Corps 912-264-8843
    Job training for ages 16-24 

    Adult Ed / GED St. 912-267-4115
    Former Risley Elementary on Albany 

    Coastal College of Georgia 912-264-7235
    Offering 4 year and advanced degrees 

    Coastal Workforce Education 912-554-7947
    Career counseling / training / 

    Gateway Handicapped 912-264-1674
    Training center for mentally 

    Golden Isles Career Academy 912-280-4000 

    Goodwill Job Connection 912-280-9809 

    Job Corps / Brunswick 912-264-8843 

    Labor Department 912-264-7287 

    STAR Foundation 912-554-0540 9
    Week free class for computer and life skills 

    Workforce Development 912-354-6611
    Goodwill job training/mentoring program 

    Worksource Coastal 912-554-7947
    Job placement/training for teens/adults/GED 1600 Union Street 

Medications & Treatment Facilities 

  • Many pharmaceutical companies will provide low cost or free medications to eligible persons through their Patient Assistance Programs via your doctor’s office or CMAP. 

    ACT Team / Gateway 912-265-9708
    May help with psych meds / Gateway 

    Breast Test and More Services 912-264-3961 Mammograms/women’s health 

    Cancer State Aid 404-463-5111 Chemo/radiation/medications 

    Coastal Community Health Clinic 912-275-8028
    Federal clinic for acute/chronic care/dental/psychiatric 

    Crisis Unit at Gateway Program 912-554-8472
    Detox unit / crisis stabilization 

    Federal Health Clinic (CCHC) 912-275-8028
    Sliding scale federal clinic serving all ages 

    Georgia Cares 800-982-7468
    Meds, Medicare and insurance help 

    GA Partnership for Caring 800-982-7468
    Healthcare meds/meds for uninsured 

    Glynn Co. Health Department 912-264-3961 Medications/ health care / birth control 

    Lighthouse 261-8512 x106
    Help with glasses and hearing aids 

    Lions Eye Club 630-571-5466
    Help with cost of glasses 

    Medicare 800-633-4227
    Information on Part D (meds coverage) 

    Perry Park Clinic Bartow St. 912-289-2006
    Federal clinic at corner of L and Bartow Street 

    SE GA Health System 912-466-7000
    Mammograms, ER, etc.– ask for Charity Care application 

    Sparrow’s Nest 912-261-8512 Ext. 110
    Possible help with prescription costs 

    St. Vincent de Paul 912-262-6027
    Possible help with prescription costs 

    Physician’s offices varies samples/help with patient assistance forms 

    Veterans (VA) 800-334-2836
    ow-cost or free prescriptions for vets 

Mentally Handicapped Services 

  • brainREconnect, Inc. 912-466-5330
    Brain injury/stroke support services 

    Gateway Behavioral Health Services, etc. 912-554-8500
    Intake for group homes, MH 

    Service Center/Gateway 912-264-1674
    Gateway’s Training Center 

    Special Olympics 912-554-7780 

    Statewide Payee Service who can’t 912-231-8958 Manages disability money for those 

    Wesley Glen 478-471-3711
    Residential care for adults in Macon 

Nursing Homes/Health & Rehab Facilities 

  • Medicare will often pay the first month or so in a nursing home if the patient transfers from a hospital after a three night stay and receives some type of skilled therapy. Some nursing homes will accept a patient whose Medicaid application is pending. 

    Addington Place 912-265-0225
    Assisted living 

    Bayview Health Care 912-462-6044

    Bostick Center in Milledgeville 478-414-9600
    Nursing home for prisoners and sex offenders 

    Georgia War Veterans Home 478-445-3234
    Nursing home for vets in Milledgeville, GA 

    Golden Living Center 912-427-6858
    Jesup (formerly Beverly Rehab) 

    Gracemore Health & Rehab 912-265-6771

    HomeLife on Glynco 912-280-0078
    Assisted living 

    Magnolia Manor 912-638-9988
    St. Simons Island 

    Marshes Edge 912-291-2000
    St. Simons Island 

    Midway/Woodlands Health/Rehab 912-884-3361
    Midway, GA 

    Sears Manor 912-264-1857

    Senior Care Center Center 912-265-8528
    SGHS hospital’s rehab/nursing care 

    Thrive Senior Living 912-295-4699
    St. Simons Island 

Other Agencies/ Services 

  • Adult Protective Services 912-592-5969 to report abuse/neglect/critical living situation 866-552-4464 

    Area Agency on Aging 800-580-6860
    Resource directory of services in area 

    ACT Team / Gateway 912-265-9708
    Mental health/housing services 

    American Cancer Society 912-265-7117 1-800-282-4914 (patient navigator) 

    American Red Cross 912-265-1695
    Disaster, burned out, military notification 

    brainREconnect, Inc. 912-466-5330
    Support services for stroke / brain injury 

    Brunswick Police 912-267-5559 

    Cancer State Aid 404-657-6607 Chemo/radiation/medicines 

    CancerCare 800-813-HOPE
    Financial help for cancer patients 

    Changing Homelessness 904-354-1100
    Assists veterans w/ rent and deposits 10 

    Child Protective Services 855-422-4453
    Confidential reporting of child abuse/neglect 

    Coastal Hypnosis Center 912-261-8906
    Licensed hypnotherapy 

    Crime Victim Program 912-279-2907
    Assistance/counseling for local crime victims 

    Crisis Line at Gateway 800-715-4225 

    Crisis Unit at Gateway 912-554-8472
    Detox / crisis stabilization 

    Habitat for Humanity 912-265-7455
    Low-income housing ownership program 

    DDS / Driver Services 912-264-7390
    Driver’s license and ID 

    DaVita Health Care 912-264-8657
    Dialysis and related social services 

    Faithful Love 912-266-0129
    For adult victims of human trafficking 

    FaithWorks 912-265-8512
    Support for local people in need 

    Gateway Behavioral Health 912-554-8500
    Screening/support/referrals/ homeless assist./street outreach 

    Gateway / ACT Team 912-265-9708
    Mental health/meds/ housing services 

    Gateway 912-289-2451
    Homeless assistance / street outreach 

    Georgia Legal Services 912-264-7301
    777 Gloucester St. v/ free legal advocacy 

    GA Public Safety Training Ctr. 478-003-4235
    Public safety training group 

    Glynn Co. Police 912-554-3645
    Non-emergency dispatch 

    House of Hope 912-571-4378
    For teen victims of human trafficking 

    Imagine Hope
    Free HIV/Hep C tests 

    Katherina’s 912-264-3939
    Post-mastectomy needs; great selection of wigs 

    NAMI (mental illness) 912-580-9259
    Meetings on Thur 7:00-8:30 pm 

    Ombudsman 912-61-2180
    Report Nursing Home abuse/concerns 

    Operation Bedspread 912-217-9072
    Free beds / bedding for local children 

    Rape Crisis Line 800-656-4673 

    Remedy Project 912-580-7679
    Addiction counseling / support groups 

    Saved by Grace 912-399-4724 assistance with critical needs / 912-266-3459 

    SE GA Health System Fund 912-466-7000
    Financial aid through Charity Care 

    STAR Foundation Training 912-554-0540
    Free computer and job readiness 

    United Way 912-265-1850
    Coalition of local non-profits 

    United Way Hotline 211
    Local volunteer opportunities 

    Veterans Services 912-262-2345
    Kelly Hunter, administrator 

    Victim Assistance 912-554-7200
    Assistance for crime victims 

    Vital Records  912-279-3346
    Glynn County Health Dept. (birth certificate) 

Rehab Hospitals (physical therapy/rehabilitation) 

  • Brooks Rehab 800-487-7342

    Gracemore NH 912-265-6771

    Magnolia Manor 912-638-9988
    St. Simons Island 

    Memorial 912-350-7092

    Sears Manor 912-264-1857

    Senior Care Center campus 912-265-8528
    SE GA Health System/Brunswick 

    Specialty Hospital 904-730-5902

    St. Joseph’s 912-921-3342

Support Groups & Hotlines 

  • Alcoholics Anonymous 912-265-0892
    Call for daily meeting schedule in Glynn Co 

    Al-Anon / Alateen 912-634-9565 12
    Step for teens affected by alcohol, call for meeting time / support for families of alcoholics 

    Alzheimer’s Support Group 912-264-0777
    Call first to confirm meeting times 

    • 1st & 2nd Thurs: 2:00 at 2803 Sherwood Dr.
    • 3rd Thurs: 2:00 at Jekyll Island
    • 4th Thurs: 2:00 at St. Simons UMC 

    American Cancer Society 912-265-7117
    Call for meeting schedule 

    Amity House Crisis Line 912-264-4357
    Hotline for domestic violence shelter/resource 

    Asperger’s Support Group 912-638-7100
    Call for meeting schedule 

    Autism Support Group 912-638-7100
    Call for meeting schedule 

    Auto-immune Support Group 912-264-5323
    Call for meeting schedule 

    Bariatric Surgery Support 912-264-9724
    Call for information/ weight loss options 

    Battered Women 800-334-2836
    Call for details re: local shelter, support, etc. 

    brainREconnect, Inc. 912-638-6144
    4th Wed. 2:30 outpatient rehab at SGHS (stroke) 

    Breast Cancer Support 912-265-7117
    Call for updated meeting schedule 

    Breastfeeding Preparation 912-466-4134
    Call for details and registration (free) 

    Breastfeeding Support 912-634-1061
    La Leche League of St. Simons 

    Cancer Network of Hope 912-265-0080
    Support/services for cancer patients 

    Compassionate Friends 912-265-4735
    Support for parents who have lost a child 

    Cancer Nutritional Info 888-227-6333
    Nutritional counseling for cancer patients 

    Cardiac Support 912-466-1100
    Call for details/programs/rehab info 

    Celebrate Recovery 912-996-4622
    Tues/Thurs. @6:00 & Sun. @4:30 Christian Renewal Church 

    Child Abuse 912-262-3200
    Report all suspicious behavior 

    Childbirth Preparation 912-466-4134
    Call for details, $35 for six week class 

    Cigarette Cessation 912-265-7117
    Ask for Freshstart meeting time and place 

    Cocaine 800-662-HELP
    National treatment referral service 

    Co-Dependency Mon. @8:00pm at 804 G St., Bwk. 

    Consumer Credit 912-927-4357 

    Crisis Line at Gateway 800-715-4225 24
    Hour crisis line / Gateway 912-554-8500 

    Domestic Violence Support 912-264-1348
    Call for meeting times 

    Faithful Love 800-261-0997
    Assists victims of human trafficking 

    Fresh Start 912-265-7117
    Call for meeting times 

    Gambling Hotline 800-699-7117 

    Gateway Behavioral Health 912-554-8500
    Affordable mental health counseling 

    Grandparent Connection 912-262-1855
    Support for grandparents raising children 

    Healthy Glynn 912-261-8906
    3rd Wed. at 1:00, Health Department 

    HIS Ministries 912-275-8614
    Outreach, meals, Bible studies, etc. 

    HIV/AIDS Support Group 912-264-3236
    Call Wellness Clinic for meeting details 

    House of Hope 912-571-4378
    For teen victims of human trafficking 

    Lupus 800-558-0121 

    Lupus Support Group 912-673-8174
    Call for updated meeting schedule 

    NAMI (Mental Illness Support) 912-580-9259
    Call for information on meetings 

    Narcotics Anonymous 800-334-3322 12 

    New Mothers 912-466-4134
    Call for support group meeting details 

    Obesity Surgery Support 912-264-9724
    Call for support/information 

    Overeaters Anonymous 912-638-2744
    Call for meeting schedule 

    Parents Grief Support Group 912-265-4735
    Call Hospice of Golden Isles chaplain for details 

    Poison Control 800-282-5846 

    Remedy Project 912-580-7679
    Addiction counseling / support groups 

    Runaway Hotline 800-621-4000 

    Sex Trafficking / Adults 800-261-0997
    Faithful Love 

    Sex Trafficking / Teens 912-571-4378
    House of Hope (residential option) 

    Sibling Preparation Classes 912-466-4134
    For 3-8 year olds expecting a sibling 

    Spina Bifida Assoc. 800-621-3141 

    Spinal Cord Injury 800-962-9629 

    Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund 404-651-5112
    Help with care, services and treatment 

    Substance Abuse 800-662-HELP 

    Suicide Hotline 800-784-2433 

    TOPS 912-267-4718
    Take Off Pounds Sensibly/ call for info 

    Veterans Services Gloucester 912-262-2345
    Upstairs in Office Park Bldg on 

    Women’s Violence 912-279-2907
    Support for all crime victims 


  • ACS (cancer patients) 912-267-4718

    Call to set up rides to treatment or for gas $ 

    Angel Flight 779-452-7958
    Volunteer pilots / medical appointments 

    Cancer Network of Hope 912-261-8512 ext. 105 –
    Support/assistance for cancer patients 

    Coastal Regional Coaches 866-543-6744
    $3 one way trip/ another $3 to cross a county line/ transportation for rural Coastal GA 

    Jones Transport 912-266-4400
    Medicaid and private pay; non- emergency 

    Logisticare 888-224-7988
    For Medicaid riders; 3 day advance notice 

    Heartland Transport 912-261-2177
    All kinds 

    MAX Transport 912-634-7749
    All kinds, including airport shuttle 

    PTS Transport 912-269-9666
    Non-emergency transportation; locally owned 

    We Care 229-424-0051
    ll kinds 

Utility Assistance 

  • Coastal Ga CAA 912-261-9071
    Periodic availability of funds; preference given to elderly and disabled 

    Salvation Army 912-265-9381
    Call on first day of month for appointment 

    Sparrow’s Nest 912-261-8512 Extension 110
    Mon-Thu 9-12 when funds are available Must bring proof of recent emergency / interruption of normal cash flow 

    St. Vincent De Paul 912-262-6027
    Case by case eligibility; no rent 

Veterans Services 

  • Changing Homelessness 904-354-1100
    Helps with rent/deposits for veterans 

    Companions for Heroes 760-519-7774
    Provides rescue dogs for struggling vets / 800-592-1194 after hours 13 

    Crisis Line for Veterans 800-273-8255 

    Dustin Wright Foundation info and support for veterans/families 

    GA Dept of Veterans Services 912-262-2345 pension / disability applications for vets PTSD support group; information for vets Office Park Bldg on Gloucester St. 

    GY6 303-746-8195
    Assists vets with employment and enrollment I in VA services; suicide prevention 

    VA Benefits Info 800-827-1000 

    VA Clinic 912-261-2355
    1111 Glynco Parkway, Bldg 2, Suite 200 8:00-4:30, Mon-Fri; health care/meds 

    VA Health Care Info 877-222-8387 702-906-2073
    Veterans info/suicide prevention