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Lina Bareno

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Lina M. Bareno is a passionate entrepreneur and marketing strategist that through her passion, and perseverance has risen above all difficulties and obstacles of being an immigrant. 

Lina’s success story doesn’t end with her own; today, she is the Founder of Mark of the Buffalo, an award-winning marketing agency that helps thoughtful leaders build heroic brands committed to making a positive impact in the world through their products, causes, and services. 

Lina is also the Founder of the Children’s Business Fair in the Golden Isles and Camden County and Co-founder of Eureka Education, an organization dedicated to creating educational programs to help young students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills needed to turn ideas into reality. 

She has been invited to speak at The EQUALS Leadership Coalition for UN Women as a role model in tech to inspire women in developing countries to tap into their full potential and launch their businesses online.

Lina holds a degree in Advertising from the Miami International University of Art and Design and was awarded Best Portfolio Award.

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