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Simple Self-Care Habits

Simple Self-Care Habits

As a mental health therapist, I speak to my clients all the time about their self-care habits. Some ask, “What is self-care?” and my first response is, “What is something that makes you feel good?” Think of that activity that makes you feel connected to your body, mind, and soul once you’re done. 

  • Charlotte Nash

  • December 2, 2022

Simple Self-care Habits

Self-care does not need to be expensive; or time consuming; or that thing that you just never get to do. I personally find self-care in those mindful moments when I stop long enough to literally “smell the roses”. Much needed self-care occurs after a crazy morning with unexpected upsets, hurried steps, and general chaos. 

My favorite self-care is a short walk or light jog where I find beauty in the moment as I observe my surroundings using my five senses. Self-care is simply taking the time to just breathe even for just a few short moments. Creating that habit and building it into your day makes such a difference in your mental health.

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